Behind the doors of a small Rancho Cucamonga apartment is a magic kingdom full of cuddles, kindness, dance parties, and life, so much life. It is also home to one of the sweetest sibling group I’ve had the pleasure of documenting. The way the two oldest loved and celebrated their little brother is a beautiful gift. This family was built over time and struggle, love and loss. Documenting an afternoon in their life was an absolute pleasure.

I first met Veronica when she won a complementary session giveaway in partnership with The Juniper Blog. Upon learning that these would be the first professional pictures her family had I was thrilled to be meeting her family. In their questionnaire she wrote about how much their everyday moments meant to her. How she loved dance parities and nursing her little one. She asked me to see the details and wrote honestly about the journey, including the rocky patches, that a family goes through. Her children wrote so sweetly about loving the time their parents spend with them, the games played, the hugs and the snuggles. I knew reading their words that this was a family that loved deeply and appreciated the every day moments that make life magical.

Veronica and family – thank you for opening your hearts and home to me. Watching the love you have for each other was a true blessing to me. It is clear you are a team and that love flows freely between you. I’m inspired to have more dance parties and bottle up al the laughter of little ones. I cannot wait to see how the grow and what simple moments are treasured in future years.

-xo, Erin