Your Birth Story

To watch a woman become a mother, to see her strength as she brings forth life, to view those who love her surround her with support and care, to witness a child take its first breath and squint under the lights of earth, to see a father cradle his tiny one, is truly priceless. These precious moments are the true definition of once-in-a-lifetime. It is my heart’s desire to make beautiful, powerful images that tell the story of your birth experience. Read more about my philosophy and approach to birth photography below.

Professional, Intimate, Priceless

We refer to many of our life experiences as once-in-a-lifetime, yet nothing meets this definition more than the day of your child’s birth. Your partner’s hand holding yours, your baby’s first breath, the joy and relief hearing their first cry, the instant they are placed into your arms, their wrinkles and squinty eyes adjusting to new light. These are the memories you cannot get back. These are intimate and priceless moments that deserve to be documented by a professional. My goal is to apply all my learning and ability to the ever changing environment of birth and make images you will love for years to come.

Delighting in the Details

Tiny toes, wrinkles, squinty eyes, hair stuck to their forehead, arms and legs curled up tight in this new open space, fingers gripping, lips latching. These are the details we delight in when a new baby arrives. Parents pour over every inch of their baby, grandparents oh and awe over eye shape and hair color, nine months of anticipation and speculation over. Yet, these details so often are fleeting and quickly change. Documenting them allows for delight in these quickly fading details for years to come.

Preserving Privacy

Birth is Beautiful! I could pour over birth images for hours and see the raw beauty of a woman in the midst of birth. Yet often birth is her most vulnerable and least modest moment. Some women are empowered by this, others more timid. Some want their stories shared for the world to see, others cannot image them being seen by anyone except themselves and their partner. Both choices are beautiful because it is your choice and your story. I strive to tell it with grace, dignity and respect. You are inviting me into this moment and the magnitude of it is never far from my mind. I strive to respect your wishes for modesty and privacy. We will talk in length about what type of images you want of yourself and your story. You will be given all images in a password protected gallery and they will never be shared online or in print without your consent.

Your body, your birth, your story, told through my art.

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Birth Sessions start at $1,500 with custom packages available. Contact me to set up a complementary consultation to talk more about your birth and how we can document it.