Your Milestone Story

From adoption days and birthday parties, to military homecomings and saying goodbye to those we love, everyday grace is marked by extraordinary events. Milestone event sessions tell the story of these significant days that accentuate the rhythms of our lives with a punctuation mark and are the days we talk about for generations to come. I apply my heart for photojournalism and documentary storytelling to the events that occur in your unique family history. So whether it is your next vacation or a romantic proposal, let's work together to tell the story of your special event days.


As the big sister to 5 adopted kids, adoption day ceremonies and family festivities are near to my heart. These are historical days, often making legal what has been true for years, a forever family. Special discount rates available for adoptions for families with financial need.

Birthday Parities

Whether it is a 5th or 50th birthday, another year older is a true gift of grace. As you gather to celebrate your loved one and enjoy all the fruits of your labor, let me document the laughs and love. Put down your phone, be fully present and hand over the documentary duties to me.


After months, even years of waiting, a military homecoming is a beautiful reunion of family. These precious first moments of love are sure to be cherished memories for a lifetime. Special discount rates available for military homecomings for families with financial need.


Loss is never easy and saying goodbye is always hard. Yet, often memorials are filled with the gathering of loved ones near and far, cultural and religious rituals and a chance to express grief mixed with love. Let's find the beauty in the tragedy by creating a visual legacy of your love.

Ready to Get Started?

Milestone event sessions start at $550 with custom packages available. The events listed above are just a sample of what can be documented. Contact me to set up a complementary consultation to talk more about your specific milestone event and how we can tell your story.