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Documenting Your Heart and Home

Real, Authentic, Genuine. Intimate. Your family is your heart, sometimes it is messy, sometimes it is joyful. Yet, it is always powerful, always deep, always soul stirring. This is the magic and grace I seek to capture.

My goal is to dig deep beyond the traditional poses into the depths of who you are as a family. It is my belief that these images will be cherished for years to come as they tell your story to future generations.

Everyday Grace sessions are unposed, unscripted, authentically documented sessions that tell the story of your family as they are now. I will come along side of you, as you are, and make images of your life and routine. The location depends on what memories you wish to preserve. Is it your evening routine of prayers before dinner and bubble baths at bedtime? Is it early morning feedings and rocking your newborn back to sleep? Is it after school homework or Saturday playground trips? Let’s preserve these memories, these places, this ever fleeting, ever changing beautiful life.


My house is messy or plain or ordinary. It’s not photo worthy

My kids misbehave and cry and melt down. It’s not photo worthy

My family is ordinary and boring. We don’t do anything photo worthy. 

Oh dear one, you and your family are worthy all on its own. Not because of the perfection but because of the imperfection, the ordinary reality of a family building a life together. The tears and the joy. The meltdowns and the cuddles. The moments of alone and together. The legacy of love and life you are creating moment by moment throughout your very ordinary day. 

Everyday Grace means come as you are, as your family is. It means embrace the stage of life you’re in, from toddler chaos to teenage independence. I am not making pictures of your house, your behavior or your activities, though those will all be photographed. Rather I am making pictures of the way you love hard and show up moment by moment.  

I hope you see the legacy you are building day after ordinary day. That you see the truth and intimacy in the images. That you see Everyday Grace.

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Ready to get started?

Your family story is waiting to be told. Family storytelling sessions are available as 2 hour mini session, 6 hour half-day sessions or 12 hour full-day sessions and start at $800. Additional sessions such as special events like adoption days, birthdays or family gatherings are also available for an hourly rate. Contact me today to schedule a complementary consultation and create a unique session that reflects your heart.