Family is my passion. I am motivated by the incredible story family writes. It is full of love and legacy, joy and journey, passion and perseverance. I strive to create the visual legacy I wish I had as a kid, the pictures of what life felt like and the images that will answer questions asked by grandkids one day.

I want to do the same for you. From the normal, everyday grace we experience to the milestone moments we mark on calendars, your family writes a beautiful story that deserves to be documented. I will bring my love for family, my passion for storytelling and my heart for your story. You bring yourselves, come as you are, and together we will create a visual legacy of lasting love.

"More than her ability to capture a great photo, she catches the warmth of our hearts and brings out smiles even in the trying moments as we wrangle our kids and each other.

Erin has been there to capture our most precious moments, being the first to see the faces of our beautiful children as they have entered the world and as they grow through life. We wouldn't have anyone else be there to witness these one of a kind experiences".

The Gray Family