They took turns holding his tiny body curled up close to their chest. They breathed him in, that fresh, clean smell unique to newborns. They said his name, counted toes and examined features. His big sister embraced him and wondered over her new role and just how this little life would completely redefine hers. Collectively, the room breathed out a sigh of praise that after a long journey he was here, safe and adored.

Flu season meant an extended wait for these siblings to meet since visitors under 18 were not allowed in the hospital. So we decided to do his New Beginning session at home which turned out to be so special. Documenting those early swaddles, cuddles and even diaper changes highlight just how quickly this little one will change.

Kim and Spencer – thank you for inviting me into your story to witness the grace and love that is baby Sephen. He will truly be a world changer and his big sister will show him the way.

-xo, Erin

One of the beautiful graces of this in-home newborn session was watching his big sister, Sophie find her place in the new rhythm of the family. She was a mix of curiosity and nervousness, both compelled to come close and protective of her space. She is a force and will no doubt pull her brother into her world, and together they will change it for the better.

Oh how vividly I remember those first diaper changes with a newborn, everything so raw and new that tears are the only response. I used to cry right along with my girl, those postpartum hormones are powerful. When Sephen cried it was a family affair to comfort him. Mama worked quickly to make him comfortable, big sister sang songs and reassured him and dad quickly came to his rescue. He is the center of their universe for now and that is a precious thing.

Baby Sephen, you are so dearly cherished and we cannot wait to watch you grow. May the home you live in be full of joy and life because of your presence and my God richly bless others through you.