Family clients turned friends are so near and dear to my heart. Those who you connect with at a deep level and open their lives to you on a regular basis are so special. Sam, Ambyr and baby Levi have such a special place in my heart that it skips a beat every time I am invited to document them. Sam recently reached out for a session to document all the growth this former NICU warrior is doing, his walking, climbing, reading and love of the blinds. They also wanted to document their new beautiful home in Burbank and promised some breathtaking views. They were right and sunset on the porch were truly spectacular.

Sam and Ambyr, thank you for your commitment to providing Levi with such special images of your family and love. I know he will grow up seeing just how special he is to you both and just how much he has grown and overcome. And thank you for being my first session post maternity leave. Being able to bring Annalise and have you love on her was such a beautiful gift.

xo, Erin

Anyone who has a toddler knows just how difficult getting dressed can be. Between curiosity and a desire to control their own bodies it can often be a struggle of wills. Watching the patience and grace for this stage was beautiful. It won’t be long before he is dressing himself and these pictures are simply a reminder of when he needed help.

I first met this precious boy in the NICU tethered to machines. Watching him walk was truly breathtaking. Jepoardy, popcorn and reading are a few of their favorite things so we couldn’t let the family session finish without including them and Itsy-Bitsy spider never looked so good as it does drenched in Southern California sunset light.

The beauty of in-home documentary family sessions is that they do not need to be fancy or full of activity or planned. They simply need to be. 

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