In a cozy cabin tucked away in the Big Bear Mountains they exchanged loving glances and tender touches filled with anticipation for the tiny life that would join them soon. The day was typical, filled with making breakfast, playing cards, writing love letters and reading books. In a way it was nothing special and yet, it was filled with the excited tension of the unique maternity season. That season filled with routine and wonder, anticipation and daily tasks. In each activity there was conversation of what life would be like when Reagan was here. What would these normal, every day activities be like with her around? More importantly, what would family look like, how would Ryan and Laura’s relationship change as two became three?

Anyone whose welcomed a child into their family knows that everything changes. Your world expands and grows to respond to a beautiful new normal that includes a life created out of your love. Your routine and relationship will never be the same and yet it will be something new and beautiful. One day the babies will grow up and ask about life before they arrived. They will wonder in amazement that the people they know as mom and dad were separate beings with likes and favorite activities. They will see the love and foundation that built their family.

Laura and Ryan – thank you for welcoming into your lives during your anticipation of Reagan. To document the maternity season for you in such a simple, yet intimate way is a precious thing that I know Reagan will cherish some day. Watching you enjoy your home and your routine while listening to you dream of the future was pure joy. I have no doubt you will be amazing parents and that Reagan will grow up knowing the love of God through you.

– xo, Erin

When we first talked about an in-home session Laura expressed how much of their day together was spent doing simple things like playing cards and cooking. So we made sure to document these time. I cannot wait to see what these special moments look like when baby Reagan joins.

After a competitive game of cards came a tender moment of reading to baby Reagan. It is incredible that babes in the womb can hear and respond to their daddy’s voice. It is such a beautiful bonding opportunity and one I am sure she will love seeing someday.

Laura and Ryan started an incredible tradition of writing about their love to one another early in their relationship. They spent time answering questions in their journals and sharing words of affirmation that will speak volumes to their souls.

We then moved onto cooking in the kitchen where baby Reagan’s picture was proudly displayed on the fridge. I love how many pregnant women instinctively, almost without realizing, rest their hands on their growing bellies already connecting and protecting the little life within.

We finished the day in Reagan’s room, a room filled with nostalgic toys, books and evidences of love. It will be a room she can grow and learn in.