Pregnant during a pandemic isn’t even something I knew was a possibility when those two longed for pink lines appeared in October 2019. I had no indication of the wild ride we would be on, the constant fear of getting sick, every changing hospital policies, ultrasound and doctor visits by myself and checking into the hospital, in labor, alone. Becoming a mother for the second time in a world turned upside down was an experience I am still processing and look forward to writing more about in the coming weeks. 

For now I am soaking up all the newborn goodness that this precious boy is bringing into our lives. Titus Sunan means “royal, word of goodness” and this could not be more true of this boy. He is our gift from our god and he is truly a good thing for us all. 

Before his birth I had all the usual fears of what it would mean to bring another child into our lives. I worried about how it would change the dynamic between us as a couple and between us and our daughter, who reveled in being an only child. I knew it would be an adjustment and it has been. There have been tears, oh so many tears, and not just from the three year old and newborn. There have been tantrums and sleepless nights. There has been a huge increase in clinging to mama and refusing to go on adventures with anyone. Yet, there has been love and joy, so much love and joy. Annalise has truly embraced being a big sister. She loves him with all the strength of a three year old. She is quick to help with him and always asking to hold him. She even plans sleep overs. 

Perhaps the greatest blessing of having another baby is falling in love with my husband all over again. Watching him serve our family and adore his son is a gift. My dear son, we are so in awe of you. We pray for the wisdom and strength to raise you, lead you and guide you. We cannot wait to learn more of who you are and see what you will become. We thank God for the gift that is you. 

Professionally, I am grateful for the spark of inspiration and muse that my darling boy is. I am enjoying documenting our real life, which includes lots of screen time in bed these days. I cannot wait to do the same for you when I return from maternity leave in September. Contact me today to schedule your day in the life session.